Email marketing and CRM as part of your overall marketing strategy

Email marketing and CRM help you stay connected with your audience to strengthen your brand and increase sales. There are many things you can do with email and CRM - sell products, spread information, reduce your shopping cart abandonment rate, or tell a story.

While your competitors are bidding each other up on Google Ads and Facebook, your content will land directly where it will receive your customers' undivided attention: in their email inbox. Whether B2B or B2C - emails and CRM can do anything and should have their place in your overall marketing strategy.

Practical guides for email marketing and CRM

However, the number of emails we receive is constantly increasing, so it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd in a crowded inbox. It's all about understanding what is a fairly complex process and paying attention to the individual steps and following them one by one.

That's why we offer you our practical guide to email marketing and CRM , which gives you the opportunity to open yourself up to the complex process and develop effective email marketing campaigns and a good CRM.

Exclusive tips for your business, concrete step-by-step instructions and deep insights into practice await you on more than 100 pages. With the reports, you get straight to where the smartest minds in the industry are - email marketing and CRM training that fits your schedule.

Build email marketing know-how and knowledge

The digital world we live in is changing rapidly – ​​and email marketing and CRM are changing even faster. New requirements and technologies, as well as changing user behavior and design trends, mean that there is always something new to learn and implement.

To support you in building your knowledge, in addition to our OMR Professional Guide to E-Mail Marketing and OMR Professional Guide to CRM, we offer two further training options for different levels of knowledge.

Beginners can learn all the basics of email marketing within 10 weeks in the OMR Academy Email Marketing Fundamentals , whereas email marketing experts and CRM professionals can acquire further know-how in the OMR Deep Dive online seminars .

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