What is social media marketing and why is it important?

In recent years, the importance of social media marketing has increased rapidly. People search for products and experiences online and, since the breakthrough of Web 2.0, have had the opportunity to exchange ideas with other people quickly and easily and to be inspired.

Against this background, a professional social media presence has long been a must for every company. Whether Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, WhatsApp or LinkedIn: social media platforms and messenger services allow you to build a close relationship with your community like no other medium and provide deep insights into the needs and preferences of your customers. With social media marketing, you can set yourself apart from your competitors, gain the interest of your target group and turn users into customers or fans of your brand.

The social media workshop that fits your schedule

Social media marketing is always about choosing from the existing range of social media channels and integrating the (supposedly) right ones into your own strategy. A channel becomes “right” and relevant when your target group is on it.

Social media platforms are characterized by communication with users on an equal level. You should keep this in mind for successful social media marketing. It is also important to recognize early on what the target group is interested in, how they communicate and which platforms they use.

But each platform works according to its own rules. To make it easier for you to get started with social media marketing, we have put together practical guides for the different platforms.

Whether Facebook , Instagram , TikTok , YouTube , WhatsApp or LinkedIn – exclusive tips for your business, concrete step-by-step instructions and deep insights into practice await you. With the OMR Report practical guides, you can get started right where the smartest minds in the industry are – the social media workshop that is tailored to your schedule.

Learn social media marketing

The social media marketing world is diverse and changing rapidly. It is not easy for marketers to always be up to date, to put every buzzword to the test and to check current trends for sustainability.

To support you, we offer various social media courses for different levels of knowledge in addition to our practical guides . Beginners can learn all the basics in 10 weeks in the OMR Academy e-learning courses . Professionals can acquire further know-how in the OMR Deep Dive online seminars .

The social media courses help you test and try out the many topics, give you inspiration for your social media marketing and draw your attention to new trends and developments. This will give you a decisive advantage over the competition.

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