Learn SEA & Google Ads – why?

Search engine advertising (SEA) is pull advertising in the classic sense. Users have a problem, the search engine should provide the solution, and with a well-placed and designed ad, you are exactly that solution. With every search, you have the chance to provide the first thing that users see in response to their search. Your products and services thus become solutions. Pull advertising couldn't work better.

There is no way around Google. Pretty much every user uses the search function on mobile and desktop to find out about products, to shop and to find solutions to problems. And that is exactly why you should definitely learn SEA and Google Ads. You simply have to be visible there with your brand.

SEA & Google Ads learn from the pros

SEA and Google Ads are complex. Just write a few ads, enter a long list of keywords and budget for it, done? Wrong! If you want to be successful with Google Ads and get the biggest ROI possible, then you have to get more out of your ads.

If the foundation of your campaign and your ads account is not right, chaos will reign, not conversions. We'll show you how to lay a solid foundation for your ads in our SEA and Google Ads guides for beginners and professionals .

The guides give you a comprehensive insight into SEA and Google Ads and teach you all the important basics about campaign setup, keywords, reporting and ad groups from the smartest minds in the industry.

More than 100 pages of concentrated expert knowledge are waiting for you and will help you understand the basics of SEA and Google Ads – even real SEA professionals will learn something new.

We give you a fully-stocked toolbox with which you can build and improve campaigns. This will also help you achieve better conversions.

Learn SEA & Google Ads

The digital world we live in is changing quickly - that of online marketing and that of Google Ads is changing even faster. There are always new functions and possibilities. In order to keep up with the developments in the Google Ads area, it is important to stay on the ball. You need a strong mindset and the right mentality: make mistakes, be open to new things, actively look for innovations and impulses, constantly learn and think not in terms of problems but in terms of challenges.

To support you in building your knowledge, in addition to our OMR Professional Guide to SEA & Google Ads, we offer two additional SEA and Google Ads training options for different levels of knowledge.

Beginners can learn all the SEA basics in 10 weeks in the OMR Academy SEA & Google Ads Fundamentals . SEA professionals can acquire further know-how and knowledge in the OMR Google Ads Pro Deep Dive Webinar .

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