Everyone listen up: The Podstars show how podcasts work

What began with downloads and subscribed RSS feeds and was probably more for a small target group is now the audio medium of the moment: podcasts. There is hardly a genre that cannot be found on streaming services such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts today - whether news, true crime, entertainment, business or "chat podcasts".

As a marketer, you can safely assume that your target audience can be found in niches or formats with audiences of millions. And podcasts continue to attract listeners of all ages. There are two ways you can use podcasts for your business: either you start a podcast yourself or you try to get into the consciousness of your target group through podcast advertising and sponsorships.

Learn from the Podstars

A podcast survey by Podstars shows that this medium has long since ceased to be a niche in marketing. On the contrary: for many Germans, the audio format has become an integral part of everyday life. Podcast listeners accept advertising and listen attentively.

But just start any format or place a spot? It's not that easy. In the Professional Guide How to Podcast , the Podstars show you how to be successful with (branded) podcasts and ad rolls. On more than 100 pages, the Podstars show you how to achieve the perfect connection between your brand, your target group and entertaining content.

With smart audience acquisition, you build a loyal audience with an active community, establish yourself as a brand within it, and reach your customers exactly when they are interested in your topics. It doesn't get any better than that!

How-to-Podcast: Even more know-how and knowledge from the podstars

There is a lot going on in the podcast market at the moment: constantly new genres and formats, ever-increasing reach, ever-increasing target groups. For this reason, you need a good plan to be able to assert yourself against the competition.

To help you build your knowledge, we hold an online seminar on the topic of “How to Podcast” twice a year together with the Podstars. In six sessions, our audio professionals will show you how you can use podcasts profitably for your company.

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