Learn SEO – why?

Never before has it been so important in online marketing to have organic reach and to get customers to your own site without spending a single advertising euro. Against this background, the importance of learning and applying SEO is increasing for online marketers.

Search engine optimization is part of more online marketing disciplines than you think. Exactly, now comes the "but": In contrast to performance or influencer campaigns, SEO is less colorful, has a lot to do with research, backend work and structured work. But the good thing is, you can learn SEO - and it pays off in the long term.

Search engine optimization provides you with sustainable success through better placement in the SERPs and thus leads to more organic traffic that does not cost you any ad budget.

Learning SEO made easy

SEO is a complicated matter and the stupidest mistakes you can make in online marketing are mostly due to bad SEO. They cost money and are avoidable.

You need to know the basics of SEO and how the Google algorithm works, how the crawler sorts your pages into the index, how keyword research and topic silos work, and how content attracts users to your site in every shopping phase. And what is the deal with on-page and off-page measures in SEO?

In our practical guides, you will get answers to the above questions in a comprehensive SEO introduction and learn all the important basics about SEO, technology, content and off-page from the smartest minds in the industry.

More than 100 pages of concentrated expert knowledge are waiting for you and will help you understand the basics of search engine optimization – even real SEO professionals will learn something new!

Continuous SEO learning

SEO is constantly evolving, so it is important for every SEO expert to stay on top of things. Above all, it requires the will to constantly educate yourself in the field of SEO - because this is the only way to keep up with the developments in search engines (especially Google) and algorithms.

In addition to our OMR Beginners Guide to SEO and the OMR Professional Guide to SEO, we offer two other SEO training options for different levels of knowledge.

Beginners can learn all the SEO basics in 10 weeks in the OMR Academy e-learning course on SEO . SEO professionals can acquire further know-how and knowledge in the OMR Deep Dive online seminars . In conclusion, all that remains to be said is: be diligent, learn and fight your way through - it will pay off.

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